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Justin Timberlake is finding himself turning into a villain in netizens’ eyes in the saga revolving around his most high-profile romance, following the release of the documentary “Framing Britney Spears”.

Spears’ fans are now demanding that the former “NSYNC” member apologise to the pop star for his past treatment and remarks about her, after the documentary, which was meant to explore the #FreeBritney movement, detailed the many obstacles and difficulties that Spears had to endure throughout her tumultuous career.

This included her relationship with her former “The All New Mickey Mouse Club” co-star, which spanned from 1998 to 2002, and the way that the public treated Spears following their breakup.

One Twitter user stated that watching the documentary made her realise that Timberlake had actually launched his solo career by pushing the narrative that Spears cheated on him in interviews to promote his album. It is noted that his hit single “Cry Me a River” also featured a Spears look-alike, with lyrics like “You don’t have to say what you did/ I already know/ I found out from him” suggesting infidelity.

The singer, who is now married to Hollywood actress Jessica Biel and have two sons together, also confessed to having sex with Spears – who was known for her virginity when she made her music debut – in several interviews in the mid 2000s.

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Timberlake and Spears dated while they were both at the prime of their careers
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Timberlake is now married to actress Jessica Biel

In a past interview, Spears gave an ambiguous answer when asked if she did cheat on Timberlake during their relationship, saying, “Everyone has a side of their story to make them feel a certain way… and I’m not technically saying he’s wrong, but I’m not technically saying he’s right either.”

It is noted that the two seemed to have become friends again in recent years, with Spears even posting a video of her dancing to Timberlake’s song, “Filthy”.

Meanwhile, MTV News VP Terron Moore, who saw the documentary, expressed his thoughts on the issue, writing, “I wish I personally knew better then. It’s nothing short of terrifying to see so clearly laid out what we as a culture did to this woman who absolutely didn’t deserve any of it.”

“The ascent of Justin Timberlake in the wreckage of both Britney Spears and Janet Jackson is really something we have to answer for,” he added.

Moore was referring to the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show controversy in 2004, when Janet Jackson was blacklisted for the scandal after suffering a wardrobe malfunction while performing with Timberlake. Timberlake, however, received no comeuppance despite being a part of the same performance.

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Timberlake was accused of “throwing Jackson under the bus” following the wardrobe malfunction controversy