Elkie Chong has left CLC, celeb asia, CLC, Elkie Chong, theHive.Asia

South Korean girl-group CLC’s Hong Kong-born Elkie Chong is now a free agent, after her motion to terminate her contract with CUBE Entertainment has been approved.

Formed by CUBE Entertainment in 2015 with five members, it was only a year later that Elkie and Kwon Eun-bin joined the group.

The news was confirmed by CUBE Entertainment through its official statement, saying that Elkie is no longer a member of CLC now that her exclusive contract with the agency has been terminated.

“We extend our gratitude to fans who sent their love for Elkie. Please wish Elkie the best in her future endeavours,” the company added.

The 22 year-old singer also posted handwritten letters in three different languages on Instagram dedicated to her fans back in January, thanking them for all the support they have given her and members of CLC through the four years they were together.

Elkie Chong has left CLC, celeb asia, CLC, Elkie Chong, theHive.Asia
South Korean girl-group CLC

“From all the moments we had together, you probably know my personality. I have always hope to bring happiness, to show you all aspects, and I also hope you can gain strength from it. However, it’s sad that many times I couldn’t do what I wanted to do. I have encountered many obstacles along the way but it is what it is, sadly I couldn’t show you more and give you all I have.”

Elkie stated that she didn’t feel she has been a successful artiste, which is why she decided to leave so that she has the freedom to give her fans more than what she had shown with CLC.

She also thanked the members of CLC in the same letter, writing, “Remember our promise, even when we become older, we will still gather together to sing and dance. I’m looking forward to hearing good news from all of you,” she wrote.

It is noted that Elkie filed her motion on Christmas Day last year, citing financial disputes and lack of future promotions for CLC and her to be some of her grievances with the company.

(Photo Source: Elkie Chong Instagram)