After experiencing a tremendous success in her career but plagued with controversies in her personal life in 2020, Crystal Fung is determined to have a work-life balance in the Year of the Ox.

Speaking in an interview with Mingpao recently, the actress, who had a bumper year in 2020 with several TV shows and dramas – with one of them, “Al Cappuccino” winning Best Drama at the TVB Anniversary Awards, stated that she had broken several personal records last year.

Crystal welcomed the Year of the Ox in ravishing red and demure pink

“It was the second year in a row that I have participated in a drama that became Best Drama. I was also nominated Best Actress for the first time through my role in “Al Cappuccino”. It was a breakthrough in my career,” she said.

However, she acknowledged the fact that her personal life was not painted in a good way last year, what with her breaking up with her long-term boyfriend and being accused of trying to get acquainted with the wealthy.

Speaking about the negative rumours, Crystal said that she had since learned to manage her emotions in the face of criticism, after enrolling in the online advanced course in Psychology and Counselling at the University of Berkeley, California.

“I enrolled in this course because I wanted to learn how to communicate with myself and deal with emotions. Not only did it help me, but I also hoped to help others with it. Some people may think that my psychology course has nothing to do with acting and it’s not as practical as enrolling in a performing arts class, but I think improving the inner cultivation or the overall mode of thinking will have a deeper impact on dealings with your daily life and behaviour patterns, which can help work,” she said.

In the Year of the Ox, aside from filming more dramas and using the skills she learned to better improve herself as an actress, Crystal also hopes to reduce her social media presence for her own privacy.

“I used to want to share every single detail of my life with everybody, but now I understand that my life belongs to me and I don’t need to share with people every single thing. Enjoy your life carefully and have some ‘me’ time,” she said.

(Photo Source: Crystal Fung Instagram)