Although Mannor Chan had convincingly played an overbearing rich lady Man Chu Sa Wah in the original version of the TVB series, “Return of the Cuckoo”, actress Claire Yiu – who will be playing the role in the new version – has no plans to emulate the same performance.

As reported on Skypost, the actress, who spoke about her role in the upcoming series, stated that she had not watched the previous version before playing her character as the circumstances of her character in the new version would be very different from Mannor’s interpretation.

“The times are different, the interpretation of the antagonistic character is also different. I don’t want to imitate Mannor’s performance. The producer told me to be more domineering. The costume and way of saying the dialogues also needed to be changed,” she said.

Netizens have already expressed their support for the casting choice of Claire in the said character, having seen her play an antagonistic character in the 2017’s “A General, A Scholar and A Eunuch”.

In the same interview, Claire also admitted that she is the kind of person who would sometimes change her personality to fit her character, and that the nature of her role in this particular drama may mean that she might be doing it again.

“There are a lot of dialogues to remember. The drama is expected to be filmed until the end of March. I’m worried I may not be able to detach myself,” she added light-heartedly.

(Photo Source: Claire Yiu Instagram)