Aznil Hj Nawawi recently revealed that he has plans to sponsor COVID-19
vaccinations for his fans if such a thing could help ease the demand for

In a video that he posted on Instagram, the famed TV personality
stated that he found out that one is able to get vaccinated much earlier by
paying for it in private clinics and hospitals, rather than to get in the
queue with others for free vaccines.

“If I can afford it, I would rather
get myself out of the waiting line. Why would I have to wait when there is
this other avenue that I could use and instead give my place in the queue to
others who needed it more than me?” he said.

Aznil: If I can afford it, why not?

At the same time, Aznil said that he would
love to bring his fans who have always been supportive of him to get the
vaccines with him as well, adding that he will be sponsoring them.

host stated that he will be asking around from those more educated on the
subject if such a thing could be done. However, he admitted that he is unsure
as to how many people he could sponsor as he has yet to find out how much it
will cost.

His shared intentions have since received a lot of support and
praises from netizens, with many saying that he should sponsor those who
couldn’t afford it, especially the elderly and the needy.

Aznil first shared his intentions in a social media post on 4 February

Source: Aznil Hj Nawawi Instagram)