Singer-songwriter Amylea recently admitted that her new song, “Kendati” is very special as it is highly personal to her.

The singer, whose new song is used as the theme to the hit TV series, “Takdir Yang Tertulis”, stated that the lyrics of the song – which took her only two hours to pen – came straight from her heart.

“The song talks about a small glimmer of hope that one keeps in one’s heart, that even after being lied to and hurt, one still wants to be loyal and wants to keep on loving the other person,” she said.

Amylea, whose engagement to her constant collaborator Farouk Roman ended earlier this year after a 10-year relationship, stated that it is never easy to hate a person that you love, and that the feeling would never stop when one considers the other person as one’s true love.

She also expressed happiness over working with the drama producer Shahrulezad, whom she has worked with since 2007 through “Sindarella”.

“We understand what we wanted to express through the plot of the show and the song. I even got the lead actress Nad Zainal to express a monologue at the start of the song,” she said.

Amylea gets “Takdir Yang Tertulis” star Nad Zainal to read a monologue at the start of “Kendati”
“Kendati” is the theme song to hit TV series “Takdir Yang Tertulis”