Once a teacher, always a teacher, as Adibah Noor recently took to social media
to correct the pronunciation of a news anchor after he mispronounced a word
during a live broadcast.

On 8 February, the singer shared a clip from
TV3’s “Buletin Utama”, in which the presenter wrongly pronounced  the
word ‘wilderness’ when mentioning the title of former Attorney General Tommy
Thomas’ new book, “My Story: Justice in the Wilderness”.

expressed, “I’m sorry TV3 for taking the snippet from your [news]. No offence,
but this is for the sake of learning. Yes this word is pronounced wild, but
this word [wilderness] that means where the wild lives, we don’t pronounce it
as wild-erness, but wil-der-ness, just like how it is spelled.”

Fans and friends took to the
comments to thank Adibah for the “short lesson”, with actress Sharifah Shahira
writing “Oh okay. It’s good that someone made a mistake, since we get to learn
as well.”

Another netizen referred to Adibah as her headmistress
character in the show, “Oh My English”, and wrote, “Since my child watched
English cartoons on YouTube, I had to learn a lot of English. A lot of words I
didn’t know. It’s okay not to be good at it, but you have to always have the
desire to learn.”

Prior to becoming a singer, Adibah was a school teacher
who taught English.

Adibah Noor plays Headmistress Puan Hajar in “Oh My English”

(Photo Source:
Adibah Noor Instagram)