Zheng Shuang has recently been accused of abandoning her two children born through surrogacy following her separation from partner Zhang Heng.

As reported on Mingpao, the mainland actress was thrown into the scandal after Zhang revealed on Weibo that he and his family have been stranded in the United States for more than a year and he has to take care of two young and innocent lives.

The post aroused the attention of the outside world, with netizens digging into the story and found that Zhang and Zheng have ended their relationship. At the same time, they also found birth certificates of two children with parents of the same name – the boy was born in December 2019 in Colorado, and the girl was born in January 2020 in Nevada.

On the other hand, a voice recording reportedly of Zheng, Zhang and their parents discussing the two children has also been circulating online, in which they discussed about giving the children up for adoption. Zheng also expressed annoyance that the babies could not be aborted as they had been in the wombs for seven months.

In response to the issue, Zheng left a message on Weibo on 19 January, writing, “This is something that I am very sad and private about. I didn’t want to talk more in front of everybody but the matter has been exposed slowly by others with ulterior motives.”

The “Meteor Shower” actress stated that she has hired a team of lawyers to deal with it and would not let her privacy be exposed to extortion.

“I have not violated the country’s instructions on Chinese soil, and I respect all laws and regulations when I am abroad. If all uncertified information requires me to explain publicly, this is my most sincere answer,” she said.

As surrogacy is illegal in China, her alleged actions have alarmed netizens. She also omitted to mention about the children and the surrogacy in her statement.

(Photo Source: EBC)