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Zanilia Zhao’s camp has recently slammed recent rumours regarding the legitimacy of her marriage with husband Feng Shaofeng and questions surrounding the paternity of their child.

As reported on Sohu, amid rumours regarding Zheng Shuang’s surrogacy and allegations about Hua Chengyu and Zhang Bichen’s revelation of having a child together, a recent screenshot of a text conversation recently went viral on social media in which two people were discussing about Zanilia and Feng, saying that the two are married only in name.

The source claimed that Feng only likes men, and that Zanilia’s child with him was actually borne from a relationship with a different man.

In response to the horrifying rumour, Zanilia’s studio recently released a statement, which stated, “Netizens’ misunderstanding and questioning of Zanilia has seriously damaged her personal reputation. The litigation procedure has been initiated and the accountability is seriously being pursued.”

The studio added that while Zanilia has no issue accepting criticism against herself, she has zero tolerance for false remarks that can harm her family.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)