Malaysian actress Yeo Yann Yann recently opened up about her struggle with postpartum depression a few years ago that resulted in her returning to Singapore after a year of moving to Hong Kong to be with her husband, Ma Yuk Sing.

In an interview with Quan Yifeng on her talk show, “Hear U Out”, the “Wet Season” star revealed that her condition was so bad after giving birth to daughter Vera in 2012 that she even thought about committing suicide after an argument with Ma.

“[The argument subject] wasn’t even important. After I calmed down, I asked myself why I wanted to kill myself. I should have been very happy because I had a child and my career was going well,” she said.

The actress and her daughter Vera

It was then that Yeo decided that she should return to Singapore, only to find her mental health spiraling out of control.

“None of my friends knew about my depression because I felt that nobody would be able to help me,” she said.

However, Yeo assured that she had since changed her ways. After talking to friends and asking for help, she consulted a doctor and began taking traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and going for jogs on her own.

As for her long-distance marriage, Yeo said that she and Ma spend three months a year together due to their busy schedules.

“My husband spends most of his time working overseas, so I’m fully in charge of our daughter’s upbringing. Even when I was giving birth, I was the one who drove myself to the hospital… He’s been working non-stop for the past 30 years. The longest break he’s ever taken was a month-long. I don’t want him to change for me,” she said.

Yeo is married to HK action director Ma Yuk Sing

(Photo Source: Yeo YannYann Instagram)