After announcing that she has been tested positive for COVID-19, Shima Anuar is
breathing a sigh of relief that her two children are not diagnosed with the
coronavirus as well.

The actress shared the good news on social media with
a video of her and her two kids Marian Sophia and Mikhael Imaan that was taken
prior to her diagnosis, writing, “We’ve received their results this morning.
Alhamdulillah they are all safe from Covid.”

“I miss them so much. Just
wait, if Allah wills it, very soon we can play together again,” she added.

to the media about the results, Shima said that she received the news from her
husband, Mohd Solih Toha, adding that it was good to hear it after spending so
much time worrying about their health.

“Even others who had close contact
with us like the maid and the driver are tested negative as well. It’s weird
that I am the only one who has it. Maybe I don’t have a stronger antibody like
them or I got COVID-19 from other people when I was not with them,” she said.

Shima tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this week

Shima was tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this week, after revealing that
she has been having breathing difficulties and severe headaches since Friday.

As for her own health status, the actress said that she is doing fine
except for a slight fever.

“But I still take my medicine and vitamins, and
drink a lot of water to recover quickly. I am still quarantining at home. There
has been no call from the Ministry of Health. I’m sure they’re busy since there
is a high spike in cases,” she said.

Shima and her little family

(Photo Source: Shima Anuar Instagram)