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Fashion designer duo Rizman Ruzaini recently expressed frustration over the way Natasha Hudson was styled when she attended a recent product launch which had since sparked backlash from netizens

Rizman Nordin, whose collection was worn by the actress at the event, stated that Natasha’s image consultant should have been aware of the public opinion and sensitivity, especially since the actress herself is a hijab-wearing celebrity.

“As a designer, I was shocked and disappointed. What had happened could affect the image and the reputation of my brand. Rizman Ruzaini the brand has been here for 15 years,” said Rizman, who started the business with fellow designer Ruzaini Wan Jamil.

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Rizman Ruzaini has worked with many hijab-wearing celebrities including Mira Filzah

The duo also stated that the white shoulder-bearing dress was bought by someone online three months ago at an auctioned price, and was part of a bridal collection that the brand made three years ago.

“To be honest, I was angry too after finding out it was her [Natasha] who wore the dress knowing that she wears the hijab. The dress was not made for [hijab-wearing individual] and was previously modelled by Fasha Sandha,” said Rizman.

The designer, who has worked with many celebrities including Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza, Ziana Zain, and Mira Filzah, stated that he is fully aware of the needs when it comes to making clothes for a hijab-wearing individual.

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Natasha claimed that she was wearing a beige-coloured inner layer inside the dress

In her previous statement, Natasha denied that she was exposing her shoulder in the dress, saying that there was an inner layer that is beige in colour.

“I’m not bothered about what others would say. What I wore for the event was provided by the image consultant and the company behind the product launch. The theme for the event was glamour,” she said, according to the New Straits Times.