Just like the whole of internet, Hollywood celebrities were revealed to have also been entertained by the recently viral memes of US Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont, who made headlines recently just for being Bernie.

The senator was meme-fied by the internet last week, after photos of him sitting down all bundled up like a grumpy grandfather in his brown mittens and jacket at the official inauguration to induct Joe Biden as the 46th President sparked netizens’ attention. The photo of Bernie had since been edited into various different scenarios, including movie and TV scenes including one of him sitting at a dining table alongside the girls of “Sex and the City” and another one of him on the iron throne from “Game of Thrones”.

Among those who were absolutely chuffed by this was Star Wars legend Mark Hamill, who couldn’t stop sharing various images of Sanders being a part of the Star Wars universe, including one of him sitting while watching Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber fight with Darth Vader, and another of the senator sitting next to him in the Millennium Falcon.

Sanders unamused by the lightsaber fight, it seems

“So many [Star Wars]/[Bernie Sanders] memes… Thanks to everyone who sent them,” he tweeted, adding a laughing-cry emoji.

In another tweet, he also revealed his most favourite meme, which is one of Sanders sitting in the bacta tank.

The Bacta Tank Sanders was Hamill’s most favourite

Others stars are also joining in on the fun, with Ryan Reynolds sharing an image of Sanders sitting next to his famous superhero character Deadpool, and Paul Bettany posting another of his character in “WandaVision” performing an act where Sanders came out of the magic box.

On the other hand, the senator himself admitted that he was quite entertained by the memes, and had since turned the image into a good cause by putting it on a sweatshirt, selling it to the public and donating all the proceeds to Vermont’s Meals on Wheels.

Deadpool hanging out with the Vermont Senator
The original photo that broke the internet