Fizo Omar recently revealed that his daughter Wan Maryam, from his previous
marriage to Mawar Abdul Karim, was recently tested positive for COVID-19.

The actor shared the news on social media, saying that both his daughter as
well as his ex-wife – who was also diagnosed with the coronavirus – are
currently receiving treatment at the hospital.

“Praise be to Allah that
their condition are stable. I have already underwent a swab test back on 2
January, and was thankfully tested negative,” he said.

Maryam and Mawar are currently in treatment

Fizo also thanked the frontliners who have been working hard for the safety of
all Malaysians, and reminded the public to continue to adhere to the guidelines
set by the government.

“It would really affect your emotions if it happens
to you or to your loved ones,” he said.

At the same time, the actor stated
that he appreciated every prayer sent their way, and expressed hopes that his
child and former wife would recover as soon as possible.

(Photo Source:
Fizo Omar Instagram)