Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng has recently dismissed rumours saying that he is soon to come out of the closet and announce his relationship with fellow actor Danson Tang.

As reported on China Times, rumours of the actor dating Danson circulated on the internet on 25 January, with unknown sources saying that the two stars will be admitting that they are in a relationship.

It was also alleged that Eddie would be announcing the news first as the person who pursued Danson, with the latter reposting the announcement.

On 26 January, the actor’s studio released a statement on social media, saying that it was fake and that they will not hesitate in taking legal actions against slanderers for defaming Eddie.

The actor also denied the rumours afterwards, writing, “Fake, boring, lame.”

On the other hand, it is also noted that it was just last year that Danson was reported to be seeing 23 year-old actress Becky Su.

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)