Despite winning Best Actor in the Digital category of the 25th Asian
Television Awards, Bront Palarae will not sit idly and await opportunities to
come his way.

The actor, who spoke to Buletin AWANI after being named
Best Actor for his role in the HBO Asia series, “The Bridge”, stated that he
didn’t even expect to win, and didn’t think of it as a personal glory but a
success of the series when he was first nominated.

“I didn’t even know I
had won… I had an online class on the day the awards were announced,” he

The actor won for his performance in “The Bridge”

As for his expectations for the future, Bront
stated that he would be thankful enough if all that he has planned for the
past few years would be realised sometime this year or the next.

is no expectation because in this current situation, survival is the most
important thing right now,” he said.

Bront also expressed his worries
regarding the situation in the country, hoping for the return of stability.

that the entertainment industry is not the most essential of services for now,
he still hopes that the industry will be able to give some contribution
especially in injecting positivity and joy to people during this tough

“We worry about a lot of things, especially when it comes to the
economy and the education. This is a real concern. But I will let the leaders
deal with finding ways to help the people,” he said.

Bront with the team from “The Bridge”

(Photo Source: Bront Palarae Instagram)