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Despite already married to Huang Xiaoming for five years, Angelababy found herself needing to clarify resurfacing rumours that she stole Huang from his ex-girlfriend Li Feier.

As reported on Sohu, the third party rumours sparked again recently, after Huang and Li were reunited in the second season of the hit mainland reality show, “Sisters Who Make Waves” – the former as the host and the latter one of the contestants.

Fans of the former couple were also gleeful when Li referred to Huang as “Xiaoming-ge”, with many began to again discuss past rumours regarding the three parties.

In response to allegations of her being a “boyfriend-stealer”, Angelababy – who has never spoken about the issue before – took to social media to finally clarify the situation, saying, “When I met Huang Xiaoming, he told me that he was single. When Li Feier addressed me unwarranted in a magazine interview, I immediately asked Mr. Huang, and he told me that they had already broken up.”

“For so many years, I chose not to explain. I thought there was no need for it. Secondly, I thought it was a matter between Mr. Huang and Li Feier. If something need to be said, it should come from Mr Huang himself. Today, I’ve chosen to stand up for myself… I don’t want to take the blame anymore.”

Huang had since released his own statement to defend his wife, saying that the rumours were pure fiction.

“I never thought about mentioning this matter time and time again, because I didn’t want people to take advantage of this matter, but I can no longer be silent. Enough is enough. From this moment on, I hope everyone will no longer hurt my family,” he wrote.

Back in 2011, Li told the media that her breakup was caused by another woman, saying that she chose to leave after seeing messages on Huang’s phone from the third party asking the actor, “When will you reply to me? I want a boyfriend, not a sex partner”. She claimed that it was the other party who pursued the actor wholeheartedly, and in a later interview, stated that it was Angelababy who was the third party between her and Huang.

(Photo Source: Sohu)