What happens when you’re one of the few of Asia’s top stars who had finally decided to open a social media account?

You went from a few followers to multi-million followers in just 24 hours.

As reported on Mingpao, Andy Lau, who only communicated to his fans online through his website Andy’s World since the advent of the internet, surprised many recently by opening an account on the mainland video platform Douyin.

Although many were skeptical at first, especially when he started by posting only a clip from his old movie, “Infernal Affairs”, Douyin itself confirmed the Hong Kong superstar’s arrival on 27 January.

Andy has ‘landed’ on social media

The news has since brought millions of fans to the video platform, with the number of followers exceeding 25 million in 24 hours. Some even admitted that they decided to join Douyin just for the sake of following Andy. In just a few days, there are over 40 million followers.

Following the flood of followers, Andy began sharing several other videos, and attracted celebrities as well, with stars like Joey Yung, Cherrie Ying, Wang Baoqiang, Eric Tsang and Ada Choi welcoming him to the platform.

It is noted that prior to Douyin, the singer’s team did open an Instagram account, though it was focused on his previous concert tour, “My Love Andy Lau”.

(Photo Source: My Love Andy Lau Instagram)