Almy Nadia recently expressed incredulity over netizens sending direct messages on social media to celebrities as part of a new “internet challenge”.

On 16 January, the actress shared a screenshot on Instagram Story of a message she received from a stranger; who told her that they were just trying to see which artiste was friendly enough to respond to them as part of a challenge.

She posted, “What would you feel if you’re in our place? We artistes are just making ends meet, we have a family to care for. We don’t have all the time in the world to look at our phones. Why do you have to have this challenge to see which artiste is a snob?” she asked.

The actress blasted netizens for their new ridiculous internet challenge

Almy lamented the fact that some netizens are doing ridiculous challenges just because they had nothing to do during the lockdown, and that they should instead find something else to occupy their mind.

“It doesn’t matter who [you talk to], it’s important to have manners! You want to be so famous, let me make you famous!” she added in another Instagram Story, where she shared the account of the person who sent the DM to her.

The said netizen had since deleted their Instagram account.

Almy with her three adorable daughters

The actress and husband Fizz Fairuz were married in 2014 and have 3 daughters together; Nur Afrina Arianna, 6, Nur Afrina Aurora, 5, and Nur Afrina Ayra, 3.

The same post was later shared by the actress’ husband Fizz Fairuz.