IKEA Singapore turned a blunder into amusement with their method in notifying customers that they are wary of their recent printing mistake.

The situation occurred after the store misprinted hundreds of pieces of their KLAMBY reusable shopping bag with the “com” in their official website address “www.ikea.com.sg” as “co”.

However, instead of withdrawing the items, the store decided to continue selling the products at their Alexandra Road and Tampines physical stores, but with a notice written in a playful manner.

The said notice, which was shared by Facebook user Alicia Cho showed the words “KLAMBY. LIMITED UNIQUE” with the addition of the word “ALAMAK” (oh no!).

“At IKEA, it’s ok to make a mistake. We printed the wrong website address on the KLAMBY re-usable bag but because it’s re-usable, we won’t scrap them. They’re limited edition and they won’t be back!” the notice read.

Limited edition indeed, and could be considered a novelty item in the long run!

The said notice read “KLAMBY LIMITED UNIQUE ALAMAK…”