Zaina Sze recently admitted that getting famous for being “the first Hong Kong celebrity to get COVID-19” really opened her eyes about her role as a public figure.

In an interview with Mingpao recently, the young singer revealed that life has not changed much since she joined the industry – that is until she was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

“Suddenly a lot of people knew me, and I hear them talking about me on the streets. Because of this experience, I changed a lot whether it be my way of facing others, communicating with them, or even the way I develop,” she said.

Zaina stated that she used to think what she does would not matter, but that has changed too.

“I am still being introduced to others by the staff around me as ‘the first confirmed female singer’. I’m not sure if it’s good or not, but I will just face it optimistically,” she said.

As for her New Year resolution, Zaina said that she would like to broaden her horizons in 2021 and try her hands in acting as well.

“People often say that I would not be able to [do romance films] because of my insufficient experience in relationships. I haven’t been dating for nearly four years. My homework would be to watch more romance films and read more romance novels to improve,” she said.

(Photo Source: Zaina Sze Instagram)