Mainland producer Yu Zheng has recently dismissed rumours that his artistes Wu Jinyan and Hong Yao are in a relationship.

As reported on Sina News, the producer recently released a statement regarding the rumours on social media, after the two actors were spotted entering the same building complex together after filming a new series, sparking rumours that the two are currently living together.

It is noted that both stars are signed to Yu Zheng’s management company Huanyu Entertainment and were co-stars of “Story of Yanxi Palace”.

Clarifying the situation on Weibo, Yu, who claimed that he immediately went on social media after getting off the plane after hearing the rumours, stated that the artistes of his company, including him, live in the same building while they were filming in Hengdian.

“We all live in Nanjiang Building 1. Everybody rents in the same place so it would be convenient for everyone to take care of each other, just like college students in dorm rooms. Why do you like spreading rumours about trivial matters?” he posted.

Yu stated that some of the artistes had moved out because of the paparazzi and that there might be more of the others doing the same because of it.

“My dream of operating “a company as a home” has been ruined yet again. I really feel like screaming at someone. Someone has to pay!” he added.

It is noted that prior to the latest rumours, Wu and Hong were romantically linked to each other after photos of them diving together in Bali were released by the tabloids. However, Wu had since denied the rumours.

(Photo Source: yjcf360 Entertainment)