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Although TVB is assuring that they will ensure staff and actors alike will still have their jobs and will be able to work in a safe environment despite the pandemic, its CEO Mark Lee recently admitted that it is inevitable for the company to freeze salaries and suspend year-end bonuses to tide over difficulties.

As reported on Mingpao, actors such as Lai Lok Yi, Katy Kung, and Crystal Fung, who appeared at a TVB event recently, were asked about the possibility of not getting their usual year-end perks to which they stated that they understand the broadcaster’s situation, since it has been challenging for all parties to work during the pandemic.

“I hope that the pandemic will pass quickly so that the company can make a little money, give a raise, pay bonuses and such,” said Lai.

Crystal also echoed similar sentiments, saying that she will work together with TVB in facing the difficulties brought by COVID-19.

As for Katy Kung, the actress stated, “I would cooperate with the company. The most important thing is to ensure that everybody still has work and are still working.”

TVB recently released a memo to employees, saying that the company has three guarantees for their staff – that is “safe protection and strict pandemic prevention, ensured production and operation, and guaranteed revenue and expenditure reserves.” It also assured that TVB employees’ salaries will not be reduced nor they will have to take unpaid leave.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)