Here’s another name to welcome to the music world: Tiara Amelia! The Singaporean singer drops her debut single today. Called “Come Around”, it is a sensual, no-holds-barred R&B number that marks her first venture into the auditory medium.

“I want to put out things that are true to what I feel in the moment, and not hold back or censor myself. Girls have needs too, girls want to have fun too, so I’m just expressing that,” Tiara said in a press statement.

“I used to perform covers with my band a long time ago, but I never dared to release my originals because writing music has always been such a private and personal outlet.

“It took a lot of self-reflection for me to realise that I should at least take the first step, because life’s too short to not do things that I’ve always wanted to,” she added.

Her debut single, produced by Axel Teoh, explores the instinctual desire and longing for one’s lover. Its raw message is the unabashed expression of female sexuality and carnal pleasure. Tiara’s beckoning croons are complimented by the hazy, enchanting instrumentals that add to the mood of the track.

Tiara is no stranger to the music world as she has worked in related fields over the last few years. She is a PR & Social Media Strategist by day and a creator all other times – with music being her latest creative pursuit. With a musical style that’s influenced by powerful female figures in classic Rock and R&B, she wishes to channel the badassery of Joan Jett and Janis Joplin while maintaining the graceful femininity of Jhene Aiko and Ciara.

Take a listen to “Come Around” on all streaming platforms and follow Tiara Amelia on Instagram (@tia.raamelia) for more updates.