Terrance Lau recently assured that he has never taken indecent photos, after the media reported that there was a computer file with his name found among the confiscated items of two men who were recently arrested for selling lewd photos and videos online.

As reported on Mingpao, the “Beyond the Dream” actor, who spoke to the media about the issue, stated that his friends and family were also concerned about the existence of these indecent photos and videos following the reports, but had since been reassured by him.

“I have never taken any so-called lewd photos supposedly circulating on the internet. Among those photos were also some that were taken from stage play rehearsals. The most that I bare was for a group photo for my school’s swimming team. That’s all…” he said light-heartedly.

The actor also expressed hope that the public will not be deceived by these online reports.

On the other hand, the actor’s manager Stephanie stated that she absolutely trusts Terrance as a person and believes that there is no such lewd photos as reported.

(Photo Source: Terrance Lau Instagram)