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Sisley Choi and Kelly Cheung have recently dismissed rumours that the two of them are at odds with one another during the filming of their series, “Legal Mavericks 2020”.

As reported on Mingpao, the two stars, who appeared together at a promotional event of the said series, expressed their surprise upon being asked about the rumour.

Said Kelly, “You don’t have to prove your friendship. For me, friends are for life. You don’t have to always share photos of each other on social media to show that you are good friends.”

Asked if they are speaking to each other outside of promotional activities, Kelly said that Sisley was among her many friends who joined her on a river cruise during the Mid-Autumn Festival last month.

Sisley stated that she had known Kelly since 2013, but that they had never cooperated in a drama prior to this.

“We have always been good friends. I would love to film a travel show with Sisley in the future,” Kelly added.

(Photo Source: NetEase)