Shiha Zikir is grateful that she listened to the advice of the late Datuk Sharifah Aini and saved some money for rainy day.

The singer, who admitted that she has not been receiving a lot of singing gigs like before because of the pandemic, stated that her every day life was not affected as she has been saving half of her fees throughout the years instead of spending it on luxury items.

“[Datuk Sharifah Aini] once told me to keep 50 percent of the fee paid for our work. It was difficult to do at first, but now I finally see what good it brought me,” she said.

Shiha stated that it has been hard for artistes to get offers for the past few months, unlike in the past where she would be performing every week.

The singer has been accepting more acting offers for the past year

“The money I saved really helped, plus a lot of productions have been offering me acting projects. Praise be to God that my career is doing on just fine,” she expressed, adding that she will be focusing more on her acting career for now as it’s more lucrative for the time being.

The singer, who previously replaced Datuk Sri Siti Nurhaliza at the semi-final of the Anugerah Juara Lagu for the song “7 Nasihat”, also revealed that she will be performing on the songstress’ behalf yet again at the final.

Shiha was both elated and nervous when offered to sing “7 Nasihat”