After receiving a great reception from viewers and nabbing several awards both
locally and regionally, popular comedy series “Keluarga Baha Don” now returns
with a second season.

The Viu Original series’ second season was released yesterday,
looking promising with its even more interesting and “crazier” storyline,
including a plot twist that’s sure to excite viewers.

Director Syed Fariz Syed Khairuddin admitted that he did feel a bit of
pressure making the second season since fans are putting high hopes on it
following the success of the first season.

“Yes, I was a bit pressured to make sure the second season is even better than
the first season. For this second season, we’re not using a new formula.
Instead we continue with the same formula from the first season, which is
ensuring that the storyline for the second season is good,” he said during the
virtual press conference for “Keluarga Baha Don” that was held yesterday.

Meanwhile, Remy Ishak, one of the main actors, admitted that he did face a
challenge in reprising his Jo Don character.

“I did not face any trouble throughout the filming because we (the cast)
already have this chemistry since the first season, but the challenge that I
did face was reprising this character that has developed more.

“When my character was further developed, I had to find a way to visualise
what was wanted by the director and scriptwriter. What I can say is the script
for the second season is even “crazier” and more fun.”

Aside from Remy, other cast members that also return in the new season are
Jihan Muse, Mark Adam, Khir Rahman, Susan Lankester, Sharifah Aleysha and
Melissa Campbell.

Fresh faces in the cast include Tony Eusoff, Amy Mastura, Azman Hassan, and
Marsha Milan.

Viewers who haven’t seen the first season should watch it before catching the
second season, so they can feel for themselves the “aura” of the Baha Don

The second season of “Keluarga Baha Don” is now available for free streaming
on Viu. Watch it on the app, which can be downloaded from the App Store and
Google Play, or online at