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Chinese TV personality Qian Feng recently decided to clarify – once and for all – rumours that he was actress Sun Li’s first love, as reported on Epoch Times.

The rumours, which had been going on for a long time, alleged that Sun had been in a relationship with Qian prior to her debut, but that their romance was opposed by the actor’s own mother who thought that Qian was too young to be in a relationship.

In a recent appearance on the mainland talk show, “Mars Intelligence Agency”, Qian stated that he was both troubled and baffled by those rumours because the two of them are nothing more than showbiz friends.

“It still continued even though I have clarified in all media interviews, on Weibo, and on various channels,” he said.

When one of the hosts laughed and asked why it bothered him so much when it did not affect Sun the slightest, the actor stammered, “I am just worried that I would cause trouble to her family.”

According to another news outlet, Qian’s mother did mention in a variety show that he had a relationship with a female celebrity when he was much younger, but broke up due to a disagreement. However, it was netizens who assumed Sun Li as the actress in question due to the fact that they were living in Shanghai and were part of the Shanghai Cultural Troupe in the past.

Sun is now married to actor Deng Chao.

(Photo Source: 99 Women’s Network)