Neelofa’s camp is currently seeking an internet user by the name of Syamira Safiya for allegedly spreading false rumours about the celebrity-entrepreneur and her fiancé PU Riz.

On 28 December, the Personal Assistant to the former “MeleTOP” host, Nadiah Khairuddin posted a photo of a woman on her Instagram Story, and wrote, “We are seeking the public assistance in finding/locating this woman to assist us.”

“If anyone has any information, you can contact me via DM messages.”

The said netizen previously uploaded a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation on Twitter believed to be between her and an unknown individual where they spilled rumours about Neelofa’s supposed secret marriage to PU Riz in Kelantan, and how the former actress allegedly spent RM100,000 on her said future husband.

The conversation also claimed that the celebrity preacher had put a “love spell” on Neelofa in order to get her to comply with all his requests.

The said netizen uploaded a WhatsApp chat filled with baseless accusations

In another Twitter post, Syamira claimed that she had known about the issue between Neelofa and PU Riz for some time, after hearing it from her sister’s friend, who was supposedly related to Neelofa’s PA, Nadiah.

Neelofa has since denied all rumours pertaining to her and PU Riz, saying that there was no basis to it. It is noted that the relationship between the two made headlines earlier following rumours that they have ended their engagement.

Syamira’s Twitter account has been deactivated at the time of writing.