Neelofa: Please stop speculating about my engagement, celeb, neelofa, news, theHive.Asia

Celebrity-entrepreneur Neelofa is urging netizens not to spread false rumours and speculate about her relationship with fiancé PU Riz, or real name Muhammad Haris bin Mohd Ismail, following gossips that they are no longer engaged.

Neelofa, who took to Instagram to clarify the situation, dismissed several rumours regarding the celebrity preacher, saying that she was surprised over some of them that she thinks were unnecessary, including one about her transferring a huge amount of money to her fiancé and that the two supposedly had married in Kelantan.

“I needed to explain things because all of these allegations are too much. I hope that all of you would stop speculating and no longer speak about it as it would only worsen the situation,” she said.

Neelofa stated that she understood how people wanted to know what happened between the two of them after the ambiguous posts her family members have been sharing online earlier, but that it would not be appropriate for her to share anything that would affect the two families.

Neelofa: Please stop speculating about my engagement, celeb, neelofa, news, theHive.Asia
Speculations sparked when a photo from their previous betrothal was removed from social media by Neelofa’s family

“All I can say is that give us some time and pray for us that we can find solution to the issue. I think it’s fair for me to ask it of you not to spread false rumours and make things worse,” she added.

The former “MeleTOP” host also apologised to both their families for what had happened, and reiterated her hopes that fans would pray for her to find ways to resolve the situation.

Speculations about Neelofa and PU Riz sparked during the holidays when the former’s family posted several messages and quotes online about a betrayal. The rumours were further fuelled by the removal of photos from when PU Riz and his family came to seek for Neelofa’s hand in marriage.