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Myolie Wu is still ecstatic over the fact that she is the winner of season 2 of the mainland acting reality show, “Everybody Stand By”.

On 6 December, the actress shared a photo of her happily showing off her trophy and plaque, and admitted that everything still felt unreal in her mind.

“From the time I began my quarantine in Shanghai on 6 August, entering the programme on 20 August for four month until last night, from being nervous at the beginning of the competition, to playing each character one by one, and slowly learning the importance of understanding the psychology, I really didn’t expect to get to where I am today.”

Myolie stated that she entered the competition never with the mindset of winning, but to become better as an actress – a goal that she believed that she had achieved.

“Thank you to “Everybody Stand By”. It really is a stage that brought happiness to an actor. With the care, training, and cultivation of the four directors, we have all become better. Like I said, the best actor award belongs to the 40 good actors who had the courage to come to this stage and make themselves better. I am grateful to have met all of you in my life.”

She also thanked the judges and mentors – especially filmmaker Chen Kaige, before expressing her gratitude to her husband Philip Lee, whose continuous support helped her balance her career and life as a wife and mother.

“Life is amazing. I believe that no matter what we do, as long as we persist and work hard, we will get the most amazing results. Today, I can still tell everyone happily, “I like acting so much.” I am the actor Myolie Wu!” she added.

(Photo Source: Myolie Wu Instagram)