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After announcing her marriage on 1 December, actress Jennifer Shum recently released photos from the big day and shared her thoughts about her low-key wedding.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who tied the knot with non-showbiz boyfriend Kelvin on 29 November, shared that the two of them were very happy with how the event went despite inviting only 40 guests – mainly their family members and good friends like Roxanne Tong, Kayi Cheung, Kaman Kong, and Tracy Chu.

“My father was moved to tears when he walked me into the wedding venue. I am an only child, so my parents treated me like a jewel in the palm of the hand. He was very reluctant to let me go,” she said.

Jennifer also revealed that it was Roxanne who personally helped with her bouquet, though it was Kaman who caught it during the toss.

“Last year, I caught the bouquet from Tracy, and now I am married. I hope Kaman will find her happiness,” she said.

The actress added that she has already returned to work following her big day and will definitely announce any good news with her husband in the future.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)