Gregory Wong was recently named as the first paid contract artiste under Chapman To’s platform.

As reported on Mingpao, the news was shared by Chapman himself on social media, saying, “Dear viewers, I am officially announcing Gregory Wong as the first paid contract artiste on our platform www.lateshow.net from today! Thank you Gregory for this opportunity! I wish you many good luck, and we will rely on you in the future.”

Chapman also thanked all viewers who have registered as members, saying that he wouldn’t have been able to help the actor without their support.

“The more people helping us, the greater our financial resources,” he added.

Last week, Gregory revealed on social media that he was in need of money to pay for his legal defence in his trial, after he was caught last year breaching into the Legislative Council Chamber as part of the 1 July protest.

However, the actor stressed that he will not start a crowdfunding campaign, and that he would rather work for the funds instead.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)