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Gillian Chung recently declared that she has no intention to get married ever again.

As reported on On CC, the singer, whose divorce with Taiwanese aesthetician Michael Lai will be finalised in a few months’ time, dismissed the idea of reconciliation with her estranged husband, saying, “I don’t think I will get married again. Once is enough.”

She added that she has now realised that she is not suitable for marriage and has no need for it. However, Gillian is not against being in a romantic relationship – though she is in no rush for such.

“I am very clear-headed during this period. I hope to complete everything (the divorce) before welcoming new things.”

Gillian also admitted that she and Michael have been in contact while they were separated for the past one year, adding that it was more comfortable to relegate their relationship into mere friendship.

When asked about rumours that Michael sold her belongings during their separation, Gillian responded, “I won’t talk about things relating to the divorce. I want to focus on my work.”

(Photo Source: On CC)