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Fan Bingbing recently opened up about her breakup with fellow actor Li Chen, saying that part of the reason was to protect him from the negativity surrounding her due to her previous tax evasion scandal.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress revealed the story behind their breakup during an interview with Bazaar Art, saying that she was not the only person who was affected by the scandal, but that both her boyfriend Li Chen and her younger brother Fan Chengcheng were vilified as well.

“Many people slandered him because they didn’t understand our relationship. They didn’t know the steps we took, how difficult it was because of the situation I was facing at the time. He and my brother faced a lot of things. All of their works were suspended, and they suffered a lot of grievances,” she said.

Fan stated that she felt sorry for them, and thought that the only thing she could do at the time was keep them away from her and not let their career be influenced by her issues.

“Li Chen is a very good person, worthy of respect. To this day, we are still good friends and I hope everything will be well in the future,” she added.

Fan and Li started dating back in 2015 after working together in the period drama, “The Empress of China”. The actor popped the question two years later and the two were planning for their wedding in 2018 when news broke that the actress was involved in tax evasion. The scandal deeply affected Fan, with the actress ordered to pay a fine of more than RMB884 million as she went on a long hiatus from work.

(Photo Source: Fan Bingbing Instagram)