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With fans looking forward to seeing the union of their two favourite singers, Ernie Zakri recently revealed that she and fiancé, Syamel are closer than ever to completing everything pertaining to their upcoming wedding.

The Malaysian songstress, who announced her engagement to her fellow singer back in August, told the media at the NONA Superwoman Award 2020 that the preparation for the wedding is already 70 percent completed.

“We already have a date for the reception, but Syamel and I will only announce it later. It’s difficult for us to announce the date right now because anything can happen due to the current situation,” she said, referring to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ernie and Syamel performing together

Ernie, however, revealed that the two of them have chosen a classic Malay theme for their wedding.

“God willing, it will be held early next year. Pray for us that all is well,” she added.

As for now, Ernie will focus on her upcoming performance at the upcoming Anugerah Juara Lagu, where she will be competing with “Gundah”, a song she co-wrote with composer Sharon Paul.

Prior to their engagement, 28 year-old Ernie and 27 year-old Syamel have never publicly confirmed rumours of their relationship despite being romantically linked to one another due to their many collaborations and obvious chemistry on stage. The two became close after competing together as singing partners in the reality show, “Duo Star”.

(Photo Source: Ernie Zakri Instagram)