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Cecilia Cheung was recently slammed by netizens following a lacklustre performance at a Boxing Day event in Guangzhou recently.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who was reportedly paid millions of yuans to perform at the said show, sounded hoarse and went off-key when she sang her song, “Wish Upon a Star”, and even forgot the lyrics to Kinko Cheung’s “Left to Speak of Love”.

After failing to improve her performance, Cecilia bowed to the audience and apologised in embarrassment, saying that she wasn’t in a good condition and wasn’t able to have a complete rehearsal before the show.

She also stressed that the most important thing is to take her audiences seriously, that she could have just directed her microphone to them to save herself from singing off-key, but that she insisted on performing the song completely.

“I hope you can feel my enthusiasm. Forgive me for losing my voice. Thank you very much,” she said.

Netizens who saw the performance blasted Cecilia, saying that her awful singing was not due to a lack of rehearsal but was due to her own bad attitude. Some also stated that it was unprofessional for the actress to receive a hefty amount for such mediocre singing.

However, there were also several fans who came to her defence, saying that she was unable to rehearse due to a flight delay, and that she has given her best shot despite the situation.

(Photo Source: China Press)