Brian Tse recently confirmed that everything is well between him and girlfriend Ashley Chu, despite the latter having been caught having an affair with married actor Jackson Lai several months ago.

In an interview with Mingpao, the actor, who spoke about his relationship with the Miss Hong Kong alumna, shared that he has decided to let the past remain in the past.

“I have not thought about it. I don’t like to bring negative energy to others. The most important thing for everybody is to continue being happy and spreading optimism. It’s better to be happy than not,” he said.

Asked if Ashley’s previous betrayal affected him in any way, Brian stressed that he doesn’t think about it.

“We have never mentioned it again between us and friends. In my mind, the unhappy things will soon be lost,” he added.

At being called ‘the best boyfriend’, the actor said that everybody has their advantages and disadvantages, adding, “Life is about constantly inspiring myself. Regardless of love, career, and family, I am still learning and I have to learn to cherish everything.”

As to whether he sees the actress as a marriage partner, Brian stated that he hasn’t thought about taking that particular leap just yet. He added that their relationship is stable and they understand the importance of communication.

“I feel that marriage is just a piece of paper. After signing the papers, it doesn’t guarantee that it will always be good. It’s not important to me. The most important thing is to get along well,” he said.

(Photo Source: Brian Tse Instagram)