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With only a month to go before his wife is to give birth to his sixth child, rock icon Awie stated that he is preparing himself physically for the challenge of taking care of a baby at the age of 52.

The singer, who spoke to the media at the press conference of his new movie, “10 Tips Tipu Bini” in Kuala Lumpur earlier, shared that he is now focusing on taking care of his health, adding jokingly, “This is to ensure that when my child is bigger, their friends won’t think that I am the grandfather. That would be embarrassing!”

Awie said that the most important thing for a parent of a newborn is to maintain positivity and good health.

“It’s really necessary to watch what I eat, since my wife is still young and we’re having a baby. You just have to be at the same level. It would not be good if you’re sick because you will only be troubling your wife. This is just one of life’s challenges,” he said.

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The couple announced the good news last month

Awie tied the knot with wife Sharifah Ladyana back in 2016. They will be welcoming their first child together in January.

The singer is already a father of five – the oldest is Puteri Aleeya Antasha, 19, and Puteri Aleefa Antasha, 17, with first wife and former singer Arni Nazira; and three more children Putra Ahmad Merrah, 11, Putra Ahmad Rezzki, 10, and Puteri Qasseh Antasha, 8, with second wife Rozana Misbun.