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Andy Lau is perplexed as to why his work ethics had to be applauded when it should be the standard for all actors.

As reported on Epoch Times, a video recently circulated on mainland blogs of an interview with the actor, in which he was praised for his dedication to his craft – which include arriving on set on time and memorising his lines seriously.

When asked if it was very hard to be an exemplary actor, Andy went silent for a while before replying, “Isn’t this what actors should do? It’s not that I am dedicated, but that the current standards have changed.”

The actor stated that he found it strange that punctuality has now become an “advantage” instead of being part and parcel of an actor.

“I think this needs to be redefined,” he added.

Nevertheless, Andy, who is also coming out with a new movie “Find Your Voice”, also believed that his own perception needs to be redefined, adding that while he has no qualms advising new talents, he would never impose his own standards on others.

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