Alfred Hui has no regrets leaving TVB, alfred hui, celeb asia, theHive.Asia

Alfred Hui recently stated that he doesn’t see his lack of exposure on TVB since his network transfer as a punishment, but as the product of his choice.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who sat down for an interview with a radio show, expressed his thoughts about having made no television appearance on TVB since leaving the company in 2017 to join Warner Music, saying that he must be responsible for his decision.

“There must be a trade-off, and the result could be controversial. I am grateful for my current record company. I see very early on my development in music. One is a TV station, and one is a record company. Since I want to focus on music, it is natural to choose a record company that respects my work as a musician,” he said.

However, Alfred denied the notion that he was unhappy with TVB while he was part of the company and being tasked of singing drama themes, saying that it was what he needed for his career.

“Before and now are two different worlds. After leaving the company, I was given the opportunity to sing a lot of my own songs, the performances were very interesting. I don’t know how to explain it. For some singer, this is the dream. But now I am living it,” he said.

(Photo Source: Alfred Hui Instagram)