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Ajai recently expressed his hope that producers and artistes alike will create more content for television; seeing the rise of numbers in viewership since the pandemic started.

The composer, who spoke to the media recently, stated that more and more people are tuning in to watch their favourite shows on television, and have now shifted their movie watching experience from the cinemas to streaming services.

“Even those who enjoy live shows, they are now watching them on television. There are entertainment shows that have reached nearly four million in viewership when it could not even get to two million in the past,” he said.

Ajai with fellow LCK jury, Mas Idayu
Ajai with fellow LCK jury, Mas Idayu

Ajai – who is currently one of the jury members for the singing competition, “Lagu Cinta Kita” – stated that rather than sponsoring concerts, brands and companies could instead invest their money into producing more interesting TV shows.

“People nowadays think that watching TV is much safer than going out in crowds to watch live shows. And it would not be worth it to hold concerts to a limited number of audience. So rather than holding online concerts or on streaming sites – something that our people are still not used to, it would be better to invest in a more quality content,” he pointed out.