Adibah Noor recently opened up about her experience with Bell’s Palsy, a month
after she was diagnosed with the condition.

The singer, who spoke to Astro AWANI about her situation, stressed that it did
not hurt at all, but that the nerve problem caused the left side of her face
to droop down and is affecting her speech.

“There are two reasons for it, according to the neurologist. It could have
been caused by a viral infection which can be healed in one or two weeks
through antibiotics and physiotherapy. But there is also another cause, which
could have been what happened to me, which is my blood sugar level was very
high,” she said with a laugh.

Adibah stated that she panicked when the doctor said that the second cause might
take her six months to finally recover, as she was worried that it would affect
her many projects.

Adibah says she was worried her condition could affect her

“So I was determined to undergo physiotherapy every day for the whole month,
and praise be to God that it did not worsen because the doctor did say that it
could droop even further down after a week,” she said.

Adibah said that many people asked her how to prevent from getting Bell’s
Palsy, but that she doesn’t have the answer except to watch what they eat. She
added that she has quit eating sugary food after she was diagnosed to speed up
her healing process.

Asked if she felt down after being diagnosed, Adibah said that she only felt
frustrated because she had jobs to be completed and that her condition
affected her ability to give her clients the best result.

According to, Bell’s palsy is a condition that causes a temporary
weakness or paralysis of the muscles in the face, and can occur when the nerve
that controls your facial muscles becomes inflamed, swollen, or compressed.

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(Photo Source:
Adibah Noor Instagram)