Vincent Wong wants high ratings for "Legal Mavericks 2", celeb asia, vincent wong, theHive.Asia

Vincent Wong recently admitted that there is pressure to do well with “Legal Mavericks 2”, what with the first series having such a great viewership ratings.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who appeared at the promotional event of the sequel, stated that he has confidence in the cast and crew and hopes that the series will be received as well as the previous one – which enabled him to win Best Actor for the first time in 2017.

“This time, the series will be premiering online first. I hope that we will get [great viewership]. “Al Cappuccino” did well earlier, so I hope viewers will support both dramas,” he said, referring to his previous comedy series with Owen Cheung.

Asked what he would do if the drama achieved high ratings, Vincent joked that he would let co-star Kelly Cheung do something for the audience.

To that, Kelly laughed and said, “If we get 40 points in viewership, I will go live on social media in my swimsuit and lawyer robe.”

On the other hand, Vincent stated that he will not be participating in all the promotions for the series, as he will be travelling to mainland China to shoot a new movie next week.

(Photo Source: Vincent Wong Instagram)