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Stephen Chow recently made a rare appearance at the High Court in Hong Kong, after his former girlfriend Alice Yu filed a lawsuit accusing him of failing to pay her commission of more than HKD 70 million.

As reported on Epoch Times, Chow, who appeared for the first time on day six of the trial on 25 November, seemed relaxed throughout his short interview prior to entering the court – talking and laughing with the reporters and answering questions.

When asked what it felt like coming to court, the filmmaker jokingly responded, “It’s a bit old. Does the Hong Kong High Court need renovation?”

He also spoke in metaphors, saying that he would really love to travel again and go to Macau, adding, “If you can’t go to Macau, you can’t go anywhere.”

Asked if he knew that his case has attracted attention, Chow simply responded, “I didn’t know.”

According to reports, the case will be heard for a total of 15 days. The lawsuit was filed earlier after Yu stated that she has not received a single cent from the more than HKD 70 million in commission due to her from helping Chow handle his movie copyrights and property investments. However, she did admit that the two parties only had verbal agreements on the commission, stating that she trusted him at the time due to their relationship.

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)