Singaporean singer Leon Markcus’ “Welcome to Hot City” Virtual Tour kicked off last month but the fun isn’t over yet, as the tour will continue to be held throughout this month until January 2021!

If you missed out on the October livestream, here’s a little recap: it began with an intimate Reimagined: Livesession, with fans helping to revamp the “Hot City” single, plus a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of music-making and the people behind the works of Leon’s music and inspiration. 

Next, Leon warmed audiences’ hearts with the summer-esque Acoustics Live session, covering songs from the E.P, followed by the Lyric Dissect hosted together with Erwin from LetsBeReal Podcast in a comical battle of wits to avoid eating spicy foods. On Halloween, fans were also treated to Leon’s “escape” into the darkness in collaboration with The EscapeArtist.

As to what fans can look forward to from this month until early next year, it’s as stated in the poster below.

Mark the dates for Leon Markcus’ “Welcome to Hot City” Virtual Tour!

The Singaporean indie pop singer-songwriter’s “Welcome to Hot City” EP features star-studded talents, ranging from Baltimore rapper ‘Kotic Couture’ to 2019 Eurovision Finalist ‘Bilal Hassani’, debuting at number 4 and 6 respectively on the Apple music pop chart upon their releases. 

Following the EP’s release in October 2019, it was nominated for last year’s Youth Music Awards for its title track “Hot City”. The singer has also been performing on various Livestream concerts, such as Home Music Mix 2020 (Hong Kong / Taiwan), Atlas Digital: Stay At Home Concert Edition (Los Angeles: USA), and Pink Dot 2020 alongside Joanna Dong and Charlie Lim.

As we wait for the next sessions from the virtual tour, which fans can keep track of at https://www.instagram.com/itsLeonMarkcus/ or https://www.youtube.com/c/LeonMarkcus/, first let’s check out Leon singing the acoustic live version of “Hot City” below!