"I WeirDo" producer denies copying "Million Loves in Me", celeb asia, Chen Yi-hua, theHive.Asia

The producer of Taiwanese film “I WeirDo” has recently dismissed allegations of plagiarism made by Malaysian company JK Holdings, who claims that the former has copied its award-winning film, “Million Loves in Me”.

As reported on Mingpao, JK Holdings recently filed an injunction order at the High Court to prohibit “I WeirDo” from releasing in Hong Kong, claiming that the aforementioned movie has won multiple international awards since its release in 2017, and that the company retains all copyrights to the film.

The plaintiff also alleged that the Taiwanese movie plagiarised its film in portraying characters with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and uses raincoats, gloves, masks, garbage bags and other items in similar colours as a big part in the film.

Speaking about the allegations, producer Chen Yi-hua denied that their movie had copied “Million Loves in Me”.

“We never even heard of the film let alone watched it. We’re also not clear on what the film is describing,” the producer stated.

Production company MM2 Entertainment also issued a statement via its legal team, saying that the content of “I WeirDo” is original and that allegations of plagiarism is damaging to director Liao Ming-yi’s reputation.

Starring Chang Shao-huai, Lin Po-hung and Nikki Hsieh, “I WeirDo” is Asia’s first feature shot on an iPhone and tells the story of two lovers suffering from OCD. On the other hand, the HK-Malaysian production, “Million Loves in Me”, follows a journalist who launches an investigation into a mother and daughter duo struggling from the said disorder. It was based on a real court case in Hong Kong.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)