Following the success of his attempt at swimming 45km around Hong Kong island last year, Alex Fong recently unveiled the documentary that chronicled the said journey previously organised for the charity, A Drop of Life. It is a local charity that helps the impoverished communities in Cambodia, China and Nepal gain access to clean drinking water.

As reported on Mingpao, the former professional swimmer-turned-actor, who appeared at the premiere of the documentary, “A Dream of a Lifetime” in Tsim Sha Tsui on 4 November, shared that he did not originally plan to make a documentary about his efforts.

“But considering that we raised more than HKD 10 million in donation through this attempt, which is six million more than our HKD 4.5 million target, I wanted to use the documentary to share with everybody what we had used the money for,” he said.

Alex also revealed that the last year’s efforts had also reignited his love for swimming, and that he would now have swim practice every morning at 5.30am.

However, the actor admitted that the pandemic has severely impacted his swimming academy, and that he has to raise more money by working over in mainland China to make ends meet. Fortunately, Alex has several business partners to share the burden of loss.

(Photo Source: Alex Fong Instagram)