Social media has become one of the main mode of communications used by almost
everyone on earth, giving birth to the existence of ‘influencers’ who aim to
sway the public’s opinion with their social media postings.

An influencer’s role on social media is not limited to
entrepreneurship, but also encompasses topics related to beauty, technology,
fashion and many more. We previously listed down 10 popular Instagram influencers in Malaysia, here we return with another 10 who are the idols of
their legion of followers on social media!

Hawa Rizwana


With a pretty face that bears a resemblance to popular celebrity Neelofa, it’s
no surprise that Hawa Rizwana easily attracted everyone’s attention on social
media. The news anchor, who is of Arab, Siam and Aceh descents, is the
daughter of former “Selamat Pagi Malaysia” host, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ahmad
Redzuan. Apart from being talented in broadcast and journalism, Hawa is also a
talented dancer who previously represented Malaysia in Hungary. Hawa now has
more than 605 thousand followers on Instagram

Maryam You Narae


Who would’ve thought that this Korean woman named Maryam You Narae is able to
fluently speak the Malay language, even in the Kelantanese dialect? Maryam now
lives in Malaysia, married to a Malay man, Nik Muhammad Ryzal. Not only that,
Maryam has also started wearing tudung (headscarf). Doesn’t she look sweet?
Maryam and Ryzal has a YouTube channel called DurianKimchi, on which they
often share their daily activities. Maryam has more than 567 thousand
Instagram followers

Naddy Sushi


With her cute voice and petite frame, Nadhirah Zamani – more popularly known
as Naddy Sushi – often attracts netizens’ attention. She is also often
compared to the Disney princess, Merida, from the movie “Brave” due to her
curly hair. Who would’ve thought that Naddy was able to gain fame by producing
comedic videos on the once-popular Vine. Naddy, who has more than 480 thousand
followers on Instagram
, is now a mother after getting married to Epul Eusoff
in 2018.

Cupcake Aisyah


Despite being born into a wealthy family, Nur Aisyah Mohd Razip, or more
famously known as Cupcake Aisyah, is more comfortable making her own money,
having started her own business since the tender age of 15. She started
gaining fame on YouTube and Instagram as a vlogger who often uploaded videos
of her daily lives as well as of her travels to foreign countries. Aisyah, who
was a recipient of the Instafamous Paling Ohsem Hurr.TV Award, has more than
452 thousand followers on Instagram



What makes Azfar Firdaus unique is his albinism! Even though he used to suffer
body shaming while in school as well as on social media, Azfar let the
negativity roll off his back and focused instead on his studies and his career
as a part-time model. Apart from that, the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) holder
is also an NGO activist who fights for the rights of the differently abled
(OKU). The followers on his Instagram has now reached more than 22.7 thousand.

Charis Ow


Charis Ow is a ‘vlogger’, with a YouTube channel called CharisowTV, who won
the first season of the reality show “Beauty Bound Asia” in 2015 and was
awarded Top Beauty Influencer when she represented Malaysia at Influence Asia
that same year. Since then, her Instagram followers have grown bigger and have
now reached 130 thousand.
Aside from making her debut as a singer in 2018, the
petite and bubbly girl was also picked as the Head Mouseketeer of the Disney’s
Club Mickey Mouse in Malaysia.

Intan Hanifiah


Because of her height and her face that bears a resemblance to actress Betty
Rahmad, Intan Hanifiah is often confused with Betty wherever she goes. It’s
not just their similar looks, Intan is also a talented singer. With more than
357 thousand followers
, Intan often shares fashion forward styles and promotes
cosmetic and weight loss products on her Instagram.

Adelina Yin Ling


Adelina Chan Yin Ling, a Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 finalist, has more than
40.9 followers on Instagram
. Choosing Audrey Hepburn as her idol, Adelina
instils in herself to always be prepared for whatever challenges that come her
way in order to achieve her dreams. Adelina, who also works as a swim coach
and a radio deejay, often shares the skincare products that she uses as well
as healthy lifestyle tips on her social media.

Mysara Muhd


Mysara Muhd gained fame for her resemblance to actress Izara Aisyah. Since
then, Mysara receives plenty of offers from the entertainment industry,
including for acting and modelling, and is often invited to the launch of
popular cosmetic and beauty products. Mysara, who has more than 145 thousand
Instagram followers
, often share her skincare regimen, as well as fashion and
cosmetic products on the social media platform.

Nandini Balakrishnan


If you spend a lot of time on social media and YouTube, you’re surely familiar
with writer and video producer, Nandini Balakrishnan. Not just friendly and
talkative, Nandini is also well known for her bravery in voicing out her
thoughts on the current issues in Malaysia, including sensitive issues like
racism and sexual harassment faced by women, on her YouTube channel. Nandini
has more than 51 thousand followers on Instagram